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Feature Healthy Food - Every human being and other living things definitely need a daily energy intake to be able to perform daily activities. The energy usually can be if humans or creatures that eat healthy foods that can meet the daily needs of the body.
But many people are not concerned about the terms of the healthy food that can meet the needs of the body. Healthy food also own criteria, these foods must contain many nutrients and of course, the food must be hygienic.

On this occasion will discuss the characteristics of good healthy food for consumption as fulfilling the daily needs of the body's intake. Meaning of hygienic food itself is a healthy food that is non-toxic, does not contain germs and certainly it contains benefits that are good for the body.

Here is a 10 Characteristics and Conditions Healthy Food

        Healthy food is a food that has a composition between proteins, fats and carbohydrates balanced.
        Inside there must be a water content and mineral salts.
        Vitamins must also exist in the content of these healthy foods.
        Amino acids such as arginine suppose, valine, methionine, threonine, isoleucine, leucine, penilalanin, histidine, tryptophan, lysine. In healthy foods to make sure there are ten amino acids.
        The calorific content should also be present in healthy food.
        The amount is not excessive but quite alone.
        Healthy food that is easy to digest food.
        Sterile or hygienic, of course, this is a necessary condition that must exist in a healthy diet.
        Having good taste and make it more attractive, at present with the presentation of the food was good.
        Just for information only, the food hot enough to mengakibatikan cud is not perfect because the mouth will heat and hot food can potentially damage the teeth. So maybe it's good if you are in the present healthy food if the food is not hot.